Want More Referrals at BNI Then Ask These Questions
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Want More Referrals at BNI Then Ask These Questions

There are some simple questions each member should ask themselves regularly to fire them into a mental state that gets the things done that will drive referral growth and therefore business growth for themselves and others.   
Here are the main questions to ask yourself from in the form of an email sent out to members.
Good Morning
___________ is Presenting this week.  
Have you invited a guest yet for _______?
Please invite this week with a focus on professions involved with real estate such as 
  • builders, 
  • real estate agents, 
  • property managers, 
  • strata managers, 
  • building maintenance, 
  • childcare owners,
  • settlement agents.
  • Electricians, Building Trades
Have you booked a 1 2 1 with another member ?
  • Are you prepared -
    Have you started building a list of names or personas
    of the types of people you can would like to be introduced to
Have You Logged Your Closed Business From March.
  • Generate a list of client invoices in your accounts
    and put in your thank you for closed business
Have You Done a Chapter Education Unit This Week?
  • The more you know, the more we'll all grow
Have You Made an Effort To Find a Referral for Another Member?
  • There are accidental and lucky referrals and
    there are intentional and effortful referrals

  • Is there someone you can make an introduction
    for just as a nice way of connecting them?
    (This is not a referral but a connection which is still good)
Have You Paid Your BNI Monthly Dues From Last Month
  • Automate your monthly payment of $____  so you don't need to think about it
    and it doesn't build up.  This months will is now due as we can pay the venue.
Have You Helped Out The Chapter This Week?
  • Running a chapter is easier if everyone does a little bit. 
  • It gives you more visibility, credibility and makes you more referrable
By making each activity a weekly habit, your ability and skill in referring with grow and your referrals back in kind will grow.
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