Create Positive Energy At The Meeting
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Create Positive Energy At The Meeting

Let's Create Positive Energy At Our Weekly Referral Meeting

Thanks so much for your input today on the small things we can do to grow each others businesses.
I'm excited about the core group and how we can build each other up over the coming 3-6 months and going forward and attract some great categories.
Firstly to Summarise
The proven track record of successful BNI Chapters is built on the 4, 4, 4, 1 principal
  • 4 Referrals A Month
  • 4 One 2 Ones a month
  • 4 Education lessons a month 
  • 1 Visitor per month.
A successful chapter has members hitting these benchmarks habitually which keeps it healthy and growing and able to deal with natural attrition.
The more we grow, the easier it is to find referral and introduction opportunities for each other.  Here is the first step to growing our referral team.



A great suggestion today was creating energy at the meeting which will naturally help our chapter grow because it will be attractive to visitors and possible new members.
Energy Vampires which suck energy from the weekly meeting should be eliminated as best as possible.
Energy Builders should be built on and improved upon.
Remember you are where the positive energy comes from.
Energy Vampires:
  1. Turning up late or No Substitute: Solution: Lets aim to have all members arrive between 6.40-6.45
    • Why Solution Works: It's great for when we have visitors.  More Energy creates more attractiveness and higher probability of growth.
  1. Problems that get you down that you bring to the meeting. 

    Solution: Start with thinking about a positive story, event or a positive outcome you are chasing before coming into the meeting venue when in the car. 

    It takes 30 seconds and might give you that 100% more zest you need. 

    Ask others about the good challenges and events in their week if you are stuck. 

    1. Why Do This?:  You want to come across as Referrable. 

      If you are consistently appearing stressed or too busy, people may not refer in order to protect you.  Always give off signals for the meeting that you are available and capable of taking on new work. 

Energy Builders Ideas:
  1. Being Positive, Empathic, Supportive and Encouraging

  2. Never criticise condemn or complain (There is a good chapter in Dale Carnegies Book about this one)

  3. Be of Service to Others and chapter.  
  1. Engage with Members and Talk to the visitors and introduce them around. 

  2. Tell stories (funny, interesting, concerning) that show how you helped your clients during the open networking section. 

  3. Members to cluster closer together in a similar areas as opposed to being spread out across a room. 

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