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BNI Skyscrapers - Who We Are and Why We Exist.

The BNI Skyscrapers chapter based in Como has been operating since 2003 creating millions of dollars in referrals and providing business growth and referral opportunities for its members. 

The chapter was one of the very first chapters started when the BNI referral networking concept was first introduced into Western Australia.
As a referral network we are always on the lookout for quality business operators who want to grow their existing business through referrals.
Referrals are more likely to lead to winning the business and many businesses need other businesses to refer to in order to look after their customers.
You will need to understand the philosophy of "Givers Gain" which means that the more referrals we find for the other members, the more we will receive in return.  Referral marketing is about being generous first.  The only way you will be sure you feel comfortable referring out is to regularly meet with your referral team. And likewise, we need to meet with you regularly in order to feel comfortable referring to you.  That is why we block out one morning per week to meet with our referral team.  We run through a proven process which builds solid relationships that leads to ongoing referrals.

We know that for you to refer any business to any of us that:

We encourage you to come along as a visitor to one of our early morning networking meetings. You will soon know whether you can gain personally, professionally and financially benefit from your involvement with the Skyscrapers chapter.
If your business category has not been taken, it is helpful to know that we have a rule of one business per category in our chapter policy. What does this mean? It means you can lock out your competitors and develop a 25-35 strong sales team ready and willing to bring business your way.
Fill out the form below or simply call our President to ask if you can join us. We'd love to have you along for a visit and if the concept looks good to you, then as a long term member!

YES! I would like to network with like-minded entrepreneurs
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